Friday, September 24, 2010

2 movies in 2 days

haha! forgive me for the lame title.

Step Up3

Step Up 3D photo

To me, this is much similar with the previous movie step up 2. they used water too as part of their dance. the most impressive part is the final part, where every dancer wears a costumes with light on it... like the effect :)

Step Up 3D photo
this is how it looks like!

Legend of the Fist: The return of Chen Zhen


What can i say? It's another kung fu movie by donnie yen! Japaneses are cruel!! @@
yea, i know... those days..
i'll give it a 7 for the scale of 10. worth watching.
1 thing for sure, Donnie yen's body is Hotttt!!!!! oh my!!

She looks good in this dress!


oh yea, this movie looks like " BATMAN returns" to me
He look exactly like batman when he is with a mask on. Also, he can " fly"
His speed of running from a point to another is as fast as batman. so unreal @@
Lastly, i think there is a part which spoilt the feel of the movie is the scene where the donnie's muscle is shown slowly from his fist to armpit. wahh very 浮夸

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