Friday, September 24, 2010

2 movies in 2 days

haha! forgive me for the lame title.

Step Up3

Step Up 3D photo

To me, this is much similar with the previous movie step up 2. they used water too as part of their dance. the most impressive part is the final part, where every dancer wears a costumes with light on it... like the effect :)

Step Up 3D photo
this is how it looks like!

Legend of the Fist: The return of Chen Zhen


What can i say? It's another kung fu movie by donnie yen! Japaneses are cruel!! @@
yea, i know... those days..
i'll give it a 7 for the scale of 10. worth watching.
1 thing for sure, Donnie yen's body is Hotttt!!!!! oh my!!

She looks good in this dress!


oh yea, this movie looks like " BATMAN returns" to me
He look exactly like batman when he is with a mask on. Also, he can " fly"
His speed of running from a point to another is as fast as batman. so unreal @@
Lastly, i think there is a part which spoilt the feel of the movie is the scene where the donnie's muscle is shown slowly from his fist to armpit. wahh very 浮夸

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm back .... Again

It's the second day of my holiday!!
Phew~~ Finally i get to take a short break, at least.
Have been busy studying for the past 1 month i think. So lifeless.
Different people with different capability, that's why we all have our own way in acheiving the same target. Pain doesn't mean it's gonna bring gain,

" No pain is definitely no gain"

We will just have to wait and see how much we can actually gain after what we've gave.

How to spend my holiday meaningfully ?
I wanted to keep fit as i've been sitting on the same chair everyday once i got up from bed. after every meal, sit again. it's hard for my bum to not "expand"
have to stop it from getting even more horizontal

Oh yea, i wanted to have my hair cut, and get cervical vaccination!!
Have to list them down before i forget.
And i wanted to catch up more with kawan kawan. not sure if they can spare some time for me.
Super miss them!

Just paid 2k plus for registration fee for external exam.
Chok bomb. :(
I want money, i need money!
$$ come come!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

I swing and swing

I'm on a mood swing recently.

Just finished reading weiren's blog.
Only then i realised many of us in M group are facing the same problem.
I do feel distant at times.
Always, i do not know how to converse and everyone ended up to be very quiet.
Silly me always choose to keep quiet rather than feeling totally apart when we are running out of topics.
So scare of losing them as time goes by.
Coming back to the question which Mians used to ask themselves.

" how many friends i actually have? "

I don't know what's the definition behind.
We are very good at cocking. But sometimes, some deep talks are more preferable in strengthening the bond.
I don't know what is stopping us from getting closer.
What makes us apart

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New life

I used to be very independent and brave.

Today, i reckoned that I’m not that brave after all.

I drove up to Cyberjaya because dice and I planned to shop together.

It's been a long long while since we last shopped.

Along the way to cyber, I don't feel secured at all.

My heart beats faster whenever there is a junction.

It was my first time I didn’t sing along with the songs in my playlist. Can u imagine how nervous I was?

Back to the lunch part.

Wanted to thanks mel, jan and ol for turning up. Hehe

Really bei min. Mel came all the way from puchong and he has extended his break time from 1 hour to 2hour without boss’s permission. XD

For jan, she sacrificed her napping time for me.

And as for ol, thanks for coming and shopped with us awhile before he left. XDD long time didn’t shop with him d. gao xiao

And lastly, I wanted to thank dice. She skipped her tutorial class and accompanied me the whole day. Hehe =D

Oh yea, she even gave me an “electrifier” for self protection, just in case I need it. *touch wood*

Tomorrow will be my first day working.

This is my first time working “formally” despite Maxis part-time-job.

I am about to start a new life, experiencing sth new.

Wish me luck =D

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Somehow, i reckon things should come to a full stop now.
Stop all the daydreaming which i think is very time consuming.
I've made myself wasted so much time doing craps.
And i've found the strongest and most effective remedy.
It's my own will!
I can control it easier as time goes by. I guess?

And this might lead to 孤独终老

Monday, December 21, 2009


I wanna love you but i better not touch
I wanna hold you but my senses tell me to stop